Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Michaelmas {homeschool edition} 2014

Michaelmas nature table nature finds Brave and True Michaelmas nature table Michaelmas apples Michaelmas nature table
Our Michaelmas nature table
Michaelmas transparency - my 1st try My first try at a window transparency.

This year's Michaelmas celebration consisted of traditions new, old, and variations of both: IMG_7647 making dragon bread K's dragon bread with cranberries and almonds K's dragon bread Silly C with her dragon dragon head We made our dragon bread. This year we decided to try the pumpkin dragon bread in Baking Bread with Children and it was our most delicious yet. We may stick with this version! St. Michael wet on wet watercolor painting Wet on wet watercolor painting of St. Michael fighting the dragon dyed our capes with tumeric dyeing silk capes with turmeric (nice handwork lesson with natural dyes there)
K's dragon candle My children took over creating the dragon candle Michaelmas pageant (shy C) And perhaps my most favorite part of the day - the Michaelmas pageant. K was in charge of putting it all together. She created the whole thing along with the help of little sister C. I had no part in it. They really blew me away with all they did. C wore her princess crown, Little L already had the dragon accessories and was kind enough to allow his big sister to use his sword and shield.
singing in the pageant They opened the pageant with "St. Michael's Harvest Song" that we used to sing at PWS. You can see a sweet video of another Waldorf homeschooled boy singing it here. IMG_7441 IMG_7442 The dragon came out wreaking havoc and destroying everything in its path. Then the dragon forgot where the stage was and decided to fly all around the land instead. I was grateful for his flight, for his path proved a much better backdrop than the original stage/our house. chasing the dragon St. Michael defends the princess St. Michael defends the princess from the dragon the battle continues The fierce battle rages on. Both dragon and St. Michael are tired and worn down. the princess prays for St. Michael Then St. Michael rests underneath an apple tree while the princess prays for him. When he rises the next day he is stronger than ever and ready to finish the battle. the dragon is near his end The dragon now fears St. Michael and tries to flee but he just can not. St. Michael defeats the dragon
St. Michael defeats the dragon and peace is restored.
IMG_7540 dragon belly the cast!

Defeating my inner dragon seems to be harder than usual this year as I yearn for our life back in Oregon, especially with this being our first Michaelmas away from there, but my children reminded me just how fortunate I am and how much I have to be grateful for. I really don't know what I would do without them.
I hope you all had a wonderful Michaelmas and that you are able to conquer your own dragons!

You can learn more about the Michaelmas festival and see some of our past celebrations here (I thought I had earlier ones, too, but I guess not):

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