Monday, September 29, 2008


2 post in 1 night! Wow! I'm on a roll!!Blah. Actually,I just can't sleep!!

Today is Michaelmas.It is a time for celebrating strength and courage, for facing dragons, external and internal. It is a time for harvest, a time for storing away that which we need for the cold dark months ahead. The flashing meteor showers are said to be the sword he wields for us;each falling star is made of iron-the iron we need to strengthen the resolution of our heart.Michael beckons us to find the spirit to come alive through the dying year. The seed-thoughts of the summer can be harvested now as deeds.

We celebrated it on Saturday b/c Kinderhaus did their celebration then We have had our dragon out on our kitchen table all week,and K requested I draw a dragon on her chalkboard. No pic of that though b/c it was a horrible drawing!! Kevin asked why there was a green horse with wings on the chalkboard!
Anyways, K wore red, her brave dragon fighting color and off we went!

The sign announcing Michaelmas,yeah it says dragon day, I know. She has to call it that b/c most people do not know about Michaelmas:

Tiffeni's beautiful 'stained glass':

K making her crown:

Another Tiffeni creation,back in the classroom:

Storytime,K was very interested in this story.

K and some of the kids with Tiffeni in their crowns. K put so much glue on hers it didn't dry until the next day!

K being a ham showing off her not yet dry crown:

And lastly from last Friday, K opening some Grandma presents and K giving grandma a big good bye hug:

We all had fun and were happy to see Grandma again!



Kimberley said...

Hello...I stumbled on your blog after reading a post on and I feel like I found a kindred spirit a bit further south! Your blog is beautiful..and the girls sweet...and we are up north following a simple and "waldorf" inspired lifestyle...come visit our site too!


FrontierDreams said...

How great!! I'm actually from NY :) my husband is in the military and we are currently stationed here.

Amanda T said...

Greetings... I found your blog through a post at mothering. Your blog is lovely, especially the photos. I have an almost-2-year-old and we are heading down the waldorf path. Your family is beautiful and your blog is inspiring :)

FrontierDreams said...

Amanda- Thanks so much!! You're so sweet!

Carrotflowers said...

Hey Nicole--- great pics! Tiffeni's dragon is huge and amazing. I'm so sorry we missed it, but we are driving up tomorrow (yay!). I didn't know you guys were military, or if I knew I forgot. My husband is in the Navy and we are now the proud renters of a NWS Yorktown home (hee hee). If you feel like coming over to plant daffodils on Sunday or Monday with us and Tiffeni, please join us! I can e-mail you my number if you like.

FrontierDreams said...

You're so sweet! Email me! We have to get together once you're 'here' ;) I have a playdate on Monday so I won't be able to do it this time around but hopefully next time!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your St. Michael and the dragon figures? I absolutely adore them!

FrontierDreams said...

Hey there :) Those are actually Tiffeni's at Kinderhaus. If you are in the VA area you can get them there. I have the dragon.he's by Kinderkram and the knight is either kinderkram or holztiger.

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