Sunday, October 5, 2014

Where horses abound, hope can be found!

Rosebud and LuLu "Where horses abound, hope can be found!" - Dreamhaven Ranch Rosebud and L Daisy and C IMG_7769 IMG_7712 Daisy and L Rosebud learning how to mount a horse Learning how to mount adjusting the stirrups Adjusting the stirrups ready to go! Ready to go! look at her heels! She's totally got this!! Just look at her heels. She's totally got this. riding! love!

Head over heels in love. That is the only way I can describe this.
K started her Intro to Horses classes last week and after just one class and a couple of hours on the farm, we are all quite smitten. This is just what we needed. It's quite a drive for us, but absolutely worth it. The ranch is amazing. So much to do and see, and you could just tell that everyone who volunteered there really loved what they do. That makes such a huge difference. I also love that their classroom is outside so when K is sitting and learning from an instructor she is still able to be out in the fresh air.

As I sat watching K, memories from my own childhood came rushing back to me. What wonderful memories they were. I grew up riding horses, it was such a huge part of my life and I miss it. Now I see the same love growing in K and I couldn't be more excited for her. I foresee horseback riding lessons in our near future. Before she started her classes, she asked me lots of questions about safety (like to never walk behind a horse), horse care (like picking the hooves), and riding. I mentioned balance and how to properly place her heels on a horse. I was happy to see that information put to use while she was riding. Sometimes I wonder if she is really hearing me when I tell her things, know what I mean?

C and Little L spent most of K's class loving the miniature horses - Rosebud, LuLu and Daisy. They snuck in some sandbox play, chicken observation and garden exploration, too. It was quite a struggle to get my children to leave but reminders of our coming back again next week and the gift of a watermelon from the ranch owner finally persuaded them.

Simpkin smelling the roses for the feast of St. Therese apple roses for the feast of St. Therese K's first try at making apple pie (mine too!)

Random photographs from the feast of St. Therese (K's favorite saint.) We made some apple roses and K even made her first apple pie (while blowing me away with her fraction knowledge.)

boot weather boot weather and my scarf! And last but not least, I just had to go outside and take a picture of my feet to show my excitement for crisp weather! No more sandals, it's boot time! If I could somehow yell on here I would be happily shouting "Autumn is here!" It was even chilly enough to wear my newly completed scarf. Well, at least for one day it was, but soon enough each day will feel that way.

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