Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Year's Michaelmas Celebration

My computer suddenly started working again today, I guess it defeated it's inner dragon, too.

Michaelmas is one of my favorite celebrations of the year. This year may very well be my favorite yet. We were so lucky to have our dear friend Tiffeni to celebrate it with back in Virginia the past few years but this was the first year we celebrated it with a school community. Our past Michaelmas celebrations can be seen here and here.

We have been singing this song all month:

At the end of summer on hot August nights,
Micha-el sends falling stars showing strength and light.
In the late night hours you fall,
showering your bright light on all.
Falling stars, falling stars, shoot across the sky,
Falling stars, falling stars, bring to earth your light.
Falling stars, falling stars, shoot across the sky,
Falling stars, falling stars, bring to earth your might.

Between K's class and our at home activities we have been preparing for it for most of September. We decided for our celebration at home this year we would make felted falling stars.

The girls wet felted the balls with white wool and then blue on their craft day last week. This was a great project to teach patience and build anticipation since you have to do it in parts several days in advance.
On handwork day K did a little bit of needlefelting with a cookie cutter to make a large star on her ball.

K's work

I added some more felted stars on both the balls and then sewed on the streamers.

Micha-el's falling stars

I wrapped them in yellow playcloths and placed them at their table for them to find at breakfast this morning. I also decorated their table with our Michaelmas candle we worked on the day before and some other decorations. I really wanted to make it a special and exciting way to begin their day. They were thrilled!

We then went to school to continue our festivities.
In our parent/child class C and I dyed cloths with marigold petals and hung them to dry.

K's class dyed cloth as well, earlier in the month and their teachers made them into flags. They also did wet on wet painting last week and made crowns out of their paintings. Both items were given to the children today.

K making silly faces

We went outside and watched the older children put on their Michaelmas play. The smaller children (Kindergarten and younger) watched from the safety of Walnut Hill as they are not ready to experience it all just yet.
I actually shed a few tears watching the play. After years of longing to be part of a Waldorf school community we are finally here.

Checking out the slayed dragon afterwards

After the play one of the classes went around and gave apples to everyone, much to our delight!


I hope you had a beautiful day today! Happy Michaelmas everyone!!



gardenmama said...

your girls are absolutely precious nicole! such a beautiful celebration to celebrate, one of my favorites too! congratulations on finding your tribe! xo

a little crafty nest said...

Oh, this is terrific! Michaelmas is all over for us this year, but your beautiful felt balls and streamers are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Also, I love the bonnet on your little one...did you make it? If so, would you share the pattern? xo Jules

Natasha Ayers said...

How absolutely beautiful and special! Such an inspiring, magical moment, thank you for sharing!!!

Watkins said...

We celebrated Michaelmas for the first time yesterday and it was delightful (photos here -

I love the felted falling stars - maybe we'll add those next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tonya Gunn said...

So beautiful!
Your wool star ball is wonderful and your girls so happy - they are just so lucky to have such a devoted Mama - so glad you are well - I was keeping you in my prayers and thoughts when you didn't post for a bit. Glad all is well.
Happy Autumn to all of you!

momma rae said...

so lovely!! what a special community to be a part of. they are blessed to have you, too!! i would love for you to teach that song to me. your comet balls are gorgeous!! xoxoxoxo so glad you are doing well.

Amanda said...

This is all so lovely! I absolutely adore the felted balls you made. What a wonderful idea!

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

So glad you computer decided to work again! I have been thinking about you and your growing family as you haven't been able to post lately. What pretty shooting stars you and the girls made! I'm happy for you that you are right where you you wanted to be after such a long wait!

Anonymous said...

love! that sweater!

boatbaby said...

Looks absolutely perfect! Your balls, the school celebrations, your sweet table set up. I am so glad to see it all coming together for you. I hope you and your belly are feeling well!

twolittleseeds said...

Thanks for sharing. You have given me some more ideas for next year. It is always interesting to see other peoples' tables. xx

Joy said...

What a beautiful celebration! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. :) I love the wool balls with streamers! K did a great job with her star!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

We sing that song sometimes also, but we have another favorite too that we sing lots and lots. Michaelmas is one of my favorite festivals, the whole season, gathering strength and courage...
Gathering apples! What a wonderful school celebration to be a part of, we will be continuing our celebration this weekend with our nearby Waldorf school.
Thinking of you of course, lots of love.. XO

XYZZ said...

Love the balls and streamers, as well as the song - I'll have to remember that for next year! :)

jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your magical day! Wonderful pics. Hope your computer has completely conquered it's inner dragon!

Adrie said...

Beautiful - those dyed cloths are amazing, and what an incredible idea to make falling stars! Thanks for all the awesome inspiration.

Nicole Vangen said...

Lovely last photo!
Thanks for sharing such goodness.

Namaste, Nicole

the nest said...

Michaelmas has special resonance for me too; somehow it gives me extra courage which i feel i need often.

the falling/shooting stars felt balls are great! the use of the cookie cutter is brilliant. thank you for sharing.

the little apple-eater's bonnet and sweater are sweet too. so much goodness on such a beautiful day. :)

best ~ annri

Cristina said...

Love K's braid K calls them "puppy ears". I love the felted stars...I can see the girls tossing them in the air :)
Glad to see you back and how cuteness always abounds in this space.

Marina said...

What a really lovely celebration! I really *loved* all the special things you did at home as well (I think the boys and I will have to steal your idea in making those balls!). I'm so happy that you are finally "home" in your Waldorf community!

Unknown said...

oh i love it!!! and i am going to have to make those stars! so beautiful...i miss your updates, but know that you are more than busy mama...(still need a pic of your growing buddha belly..;) )

love you!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous celebration. Your daughters are just precious. The falling star balls are wonderful. I know we will be making some of our own soon.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Carrie said...

I, too, love the felted shooting stars. And your seasonal table is just beautiful...I am still learning how to arrange ours, and we are just beginning to gather materials for it.
Here's a tiny snippet of our Michaelmas celebration:

Dawn said...

That picture of your daughter enjoying an apple is adorable! Your Michaelmas celebration looks like so much fun. Love the shooting star!

nocton4 said...

how inspiring to read this wonderful post, great photos, thanks for sharing xx

thegirlsmom said...

So nice to have you back, I've really missed your lovely posts! The felted balls are gorgeous - my girls would LOVE those! And I've finally figured out how to post a comment - hooray!!
Could you (or anyone!) let me know where to buy some of the beautiful postcards I see on your blog? And some artist names? I have the Ruth elsasser ones but just can't seem to find any others. I'm especially thinking of Martinmas ones as that is the next festival coming up. Thanks so much xxx

Kelly said...

Beautiful falling stars. I love Michaelmas too!

sarah in the woods said...

I love the falling star ball and marigold-dyed cloths. Such a beautiful picture of your little one too!

julie said...

The dyed cloth is wonderful! I've been seeing lots of dyed cloth projects lately, which is clearly a sign that I need to jump in with my own girlies so that we can make our own!

Unknown said...

Lovely Nicole, we enjoyed Michaelmas at the Waldorf school in Ashland.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone! Oh my it feels good to be back! :)

A little crafty nest - Yes, I did make C's bonnet. It's a really easy pattern from King Pod and it's available online. HTH!

Thegirlsmom - I was fortunate to get my art cards from my friend Tiffeni a couple of years ago. Our local school carries them as well. I have seen a few online here and there. Mercurius has a HUGE selection but you have to buy them in sets of 12. Three Sister's Toys has a few nice ones as does Nova Natural. HTH!

Thank again everyone! I've missed you all!!

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