All of my photos are taken with my Canon EOS 6D in natural light. I love my 50mm f1.4 lens and it never leaves my camera. Then again, it is the only lens I currently own!

I have had a love of photography for most of my life but have only used a digital camera for about the past four years. During the late 90s I  briefly studied photography at the Atlanta College of Art but that feels like a lifetime ago and I admit I have just about forgotten all that I learned. Not to mention the difference between film and digital photography. I am now pretty much starting back at the beginning, learning as I go with trial and error as my guide.

I love the art of taking the photograph itself so I prefer not to use photo editing software. I wouldn't call myself a photographer, but rather say that I love to dabble in photography (amongst many other things!). I hope that helps answer some questions you may have, if not - ask away!

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