Sunday, November 6, 2016

End of October light

hayride through the apple orchard He LOVED the hay ride He LOVED the hay ride! biggest and smallest pumpkins bug friend found one apple orchard in the distance the colors! peek a boo Peek a boo in the corn walking through the patch teething pumpkin pumpkins the elusive group shot (it still eludes me) You know that elusive group photo of all four of my children looking at me? Yeah, it still eludes me. sun setting on the hay apple snack from the farm baby photobomb Baby photobomb! hi! Hey there. C and Bhakti Simpkin Jackie O' Kitten pumpkin prep scooping out his pumpkin for the trick or treaters L to R - L's pumpkin, C's pumpkin and K's pumpkin Halloween 2016
I do so love that beautiful autumn glow that appears at the end of October. It is so warm and clear. Truly one of my favorite times to carry around my camera. I think I am going to let the photographs do the talking since I am still recovering from our crazy week. Oh but I should say a little something about L's Halloween costume - no, he wasn't miserable like he looks in the photograph. He wanted to be a snowman and when he saw this snowman costume (which is from the movie Frozen) he decided it was perfect.  He called himself the little funny snowman. But when we went trick or treating everyone called him Olaf and quoted the movie Frozen to him. He had no clue what they were talking about and got very frustrated that they didn't realize he was a snowman. Oops. We won't make that mistake again! The girls also thought it was funny that everyone was trying to say they were Disney princesses. K was a Greek goddess and C was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Note to self for next year - Halloween is now sponsored by Disney. Ha!

p.s. - Their pumpkin hats can be found on rav here and Little L's TAMA sweater can be found here.

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