Monday, May 4, 2015

so not technologically inclined

I spent the last couple of hours typing up quite a long post and somehow or other my computer just ate the whole thing and won't give it back. Ugh. So I must apologize but I think it best I step away from the computer before I hurt it. *ahem* But I will share these two pics of our washing machine:
broken washer
the culprit Instead of spending the $300+ on having someone fix it for us, Kevin took it apart and found the culprit - the motor coupling. Of course no one local has the piece and we won't be able to make the drive to Boise until next weekend but thankfully he was able to find the piece on Amazon (of all places) for $5.10 and it will be here on Wednesday. Come Wednesday night we will have clean laundry again! I am so proud of his diligence and perseverance to get this done. I know he feels amazing accomplishing this, too (let alone the money we saved!). There is nothing like making/fixing something yourself.

p.s. - I never knew a washing machine could be so filthy inside! I am taking this opportunity to give it a thorough cleaning.

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