Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In threes (or fours?)

bee fly bee fly and so it begins wetting the tiny bit of soil we put down watering crimson clover cleaning his "garden truck" 072 Little L with his Bracken shark in a boat bed 009 003 fermented dandelion stems 063

Oh, this weather. It has been in the seventies for the past few days and I am loving it. The children and I seem to find every excuse we can to just get outdoors (as if we don't already go out enough). Need to wash your truck? Okay. Gather more dandelion stems to ferment? Let's go. *Swoon* I love this time of year.

You know that saying that good or bad things come in threes? Well, we are experiencing that right now. I just recently had to use our emergency fund to purchase new contacts (I completely ran out), and am in the process of paying it back, so what happens? More emergencies. Ugh, Murphy's law.

-Remember last  summer when our washing machine flooded the house? Well, we got it to work again until yesterday. Now it fills up with water and makes a horrid screeching noise when it should be spinning or agitating. So the laundry basically sits in a pool of water for 20 minutes and then the water drains, leaving unclean and soaking wet clothing for us. So either it's time for a new washer or we need to have it fixed and soon! It seems I constantly have laundry going around here so even just a couple of days out of commission is a major set back.

-Our sweet dog Nara has something wrong with her left eye. We are thinking possibly cataracts but won't know more until she goes to the vet on Friday. The visit will be a family affair because she is our family's most loyal and special dog (don't tell the other dogs I said that).

-The children and I went in for dentist appointments last week (we were horribly behind and hadn't gone since we left Oregon) and after the dentist investigated the tooth that has been bothering me since I was twenty (my very first cavity that was never filled properly and became infected), he decided I am in need of a root canal. I am relieved to finally get this tooth taken care of but oh the cost! While I am on the subject, I posted many months ago about taking charge of my dental health starting with switching over to homemade toothpaste. Well, the results are finally in - my homemade toothpaste (along with oil pulling) has not only made my sensitive teeth less painful but the cavity that I came to Idaho with over a year ago is completely gone. The dentist said my teeth look great. I haven't heard that since my pregnancy with K. Now I plan on making the toothpaste switch with the rest of my family (I was my own guinea pig).

-Actually, now that I think of it, maybe the saying should be in fours... We need to purchase quite a bit of soil so our raised beds can be used. The little bit that we had filled in maybe 1/4 of our garden. Preferably before the end of the growing season. ay yi yi.

Well, it is what it is and we'll find a way to make it all work out. We always do. Thankfully the good things seem to come in numbers greater than three.

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