Sunday, November 2, 2014


Pumpkin time Pumpkin time K carving pumpkin jellyfish scooping out the seeds scooping out seeds halloween silly shark pose great white shark (since when do they have nostrils?!) witch witch with big eyes where did she get those eyes? trick or treat trick or treat a sight for sore eyes! What the Halloween fairy left in exchange for their candy Halloween fairy Obligatory Halloween shots

Halloween has come and gone yet another time. Every year I think, "maybe this year they will forget and we can just ignore the holiday all together." Then of course every year they remember well in advance and there is no getting out of it. Nothing against Halloween, but as I say each year, it's just not my thing. 

K bought her and C's costumes herself with a gift card she received for her birthday from her Aunt and Uncle. I love that thoughtful side of her. Little L's costume was actually a gift I was secretly saving for Christmas (he loves to dress up) but when he said he wanted to be a great white shark for Halloween (go figure!) I just had to go ahead and give it to him. It was a bit too big but he'll get to wear it again next year.

I was so very thankful for the house in our neighborhood that put out allergy safe treats (non-food items), that way my children got to keep at least one thing from their trick or treating adventure. The rest went to the Halloween fairy and she exchanged it for some healthier treats along with a couple of sweet gifts.

I am rather rambling tonight, aren't I? I admit my mind is on other things. On that note, I need to skedaddle and finish up our lesson plans for this week. I was unprepared due to not ordering a book ahead of time so I had to change up this week last minute. More on our homeschooling journey later this week. Boy, do I have quite a bit to say on the subject!

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