Thursday, February 13, 2014


scarf and kitty love silly sisters (post bike ride) sweet heart intoxicating! yum! love Little L sewing sewing L's picture face picture faces
What happens when I ask if I can take a picture
Simpkin Jackie o' Kitten love ( thrilled ( enough!
Smothered with love. Poor Simpkin!

embroidered love love decorate!

I had plans to write a beautiful post about the blessing of friends tonight. But now as I sit here trying to look at my computer screen, my eyes simply can not focus. I am seeing stars in my right eye and feeling the pain of straining both my eyes to see. Looking back at my day I can see I brought this upon myself by not finding time to eat until dinner.  Anyways,  please forgive the pictures that I can not see well enough to know if they are in focus or not, and please forgive my words that will not come anywhere close to articulating all that I feel or want to say.


We came home from a beautiful family bike ride today to find a sweet little package waiting at our doorstep. The children recognized who it was from and their eyes lit up. The package was immediately ripped open and requests for pictures to send back to their friends soon followed, helmet hair and all. Oh the giddiness that ensued. Our home was overtaken by love.We miss (all of) our friends back home in Oregon so very much. There are days filled with heartache and tears over not seeing them, then days with non-stop giggles and smiles from talking to them (and saying "I love you" a gazillion times in one short conversation) or sharing memories with each other about them.

These friends of ours feel more like a part of our family than anything else. Having brother and sister kittens makes us a family anyways, right?! We are so extraordinarily blessed to have them in our lives.  Even though we now have a state line separating us, somehow I feel like they are right here with us and can see what we see and feel what we feel. Sometimes connections are just that strong.

shirt best buddies
Oh this boy of mine. You see that shirt he is wearing? Every time he puts it on he points to the badger and says, "Baby Blue Eyes". Then he points to the fox and says, "Bubba Guy". Even though he is young, he truly seems to understand just how special and important his friend is.

snaggletooth <3

And on a completely unrelated note:
At the ripe young age of 5 1/2, Miss C has her very first wiggly tooth. It seems so young to me because K didn't lose any until she was 7 and I lost mine around then, too. She is cracking us up with the whole ordeal. You might be able to see in the photo above that the tooth is barely hanging in there. She refuses to close her mouth because of it.

p.s. - The winner has been posted for the Waldorf Homeschool Handbook giveaway in the original post.

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