Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

The act of creating, in one form or another, preserves my sanity amongst the chaos of life. This explains why I always have more than one project going at a time as well as why my housework tends to fall behind. I enjoy seeing what others are working on and keeping calm with, too. What are you creating? What is keeping you going? Snap a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link below.

kcco IMG_3158 IMG_3163

I have now moved on to knitting Little L some Freddie coveralls to match his Freddie doll. Have I gone completely mad? Yes, most definitely! Especially since his sweater and Freddie doll are still at about 95% done. I am really beginning to wonder if I can truly pull all of this birthday crafting off!

K, on the other hand, has been very busy crafting quite a few gifts for Little L. Above is a glimpse of a pattern she created for a shark made from wool felt. It might be my favorite creation of hers yet! She has also decided Little L needs a shark themed birthday party, so there has been a lot of planning and making involved with that, too (even though the party is just for the 5 of us!)

ETA : There seems to be issues with commenting right now. Would you mind letting me know if you are able to leave a comment? I would appreciate it so very much! Thanks!

What are you working on?! Happy creating!

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