Thursday, February 7, 2013

Making snow of our very own (& last minute St. Valentine's day ideas)

snowman When it's the season of snow but King Winter refuses to pay a visit, what do you do? Why, make your own snow, of course! Perfectly logical, right? Trust me, it works.

This week on our craft day in homeschooling I told C we would be making snow. Her eyes lit up with wonder and amazement quickly followed with "How on earth will we do that, Mama?!" I promised her she would see when the time came. I do believe that was a looong moment full of anticipation for her.

We made some special "snow dough" using our regular play dough recipe (found here). It had been so long since we made play dough that C had no clue what we were doing (that seemed to help with the mystery of snow making).
snow on her nose making snow When I took the dough off the stove I put it in a bowl for her to mix. She seemed confused but still excited. Then she asked when it would turn into snow. I told her we needed one last magical ingredient and I left the room to get it.
054 making snow 024 I came back with silver glitter and sprinkled some on the dough for her to knead in (in the same manner that we add the glob pigment to make colored play dough). She got to work and as soon as the glitter started appearing through the dough she proclaimed, "Mama, it is snow, it sparkles just like with the sun shines on it!". She wanted Little L to share in the great discovery she made and sat him in her lap to continue kneading.
Then he decided he needed an apron on just like his big sister, so she grabbed his and put it on him...
104 103 hmmm
102 on second thought, let's forget the apron!
098 C helps him back out of the apron and then they get to work playing in their snow.
singing 092 068 Little L was so very happy that he was singing at the top of his lungs as he worked. In these pictures he was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but his version is with the single word "owie" repeated over and over again to the tune of the song. He knows it makes us laugh.
serious work 119 126 109 It was some serious snow play, lasting over an hour. I actually think it only came to an end because we had to leave to pick up K. C told K about our snow as soon as she saw her and we rushed back home to let the magic continue...

*Giving credit where it is due! I found the snow play dough idea here.
On another note, I planned on doing a St. Valentine's day project post but time is running short so I thought I would share some of our favorites from the past:

Wool acorn heart necklaces

139heart Beeswax hearts amongst other things

And speaking of St. Valentine's day - Sparkle Stories is offering a free Junkyard Tales Valentine story! You can listen to it here. They are also offering a one month subscription to At Home with Martin and Sylvia for free! Sign up here by the 14th. We love both of these stories and I bet you will too!

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