Monday, February 11, 2013

My little sea shepherd (sweater)

I never intended to be posting about a Christmas gift almost two months after the fact, yet here I am. I fully admit to procrastinating when it comes to taking pictures of finished knits. Who knows why. Actually, that reminds me that I still haven't taken pictures of my girls in their beloved Phoebe sweaters from two Christmas' ago *ahem*  I get sidetracked way to easily -  back to this particular sweater...035 056 I felt inspired as I looked out my kitchen window one beautiful frosty morning in January. I put Little L's Christmas sweater on him and went outside to snap a few shots. Little L wasn't quite as into the idea as I was. I took a couple of pictures just to adjust my settings... 071
and that was it. Before I could even get set up, he was done. Back inside we went.

Fast forward to a rather warm February nature walk (it's currently in the 50's!) when he happened to be wearing his Christmas gift again: Christmas Sea Shepherd Sweater 015 There were more geese and ducks than usual at the pond down the road from our house. Little L loved every second of watching them and tried to speak to them in their language by saying "Honk-a-lonk" over and over again. 004 034 133 071 066 085 102 He had a brief moment of panic when he saw his hands were dirty from climbing the mossy stairs (he does not like to feel dirt on his hands at all).Christmas Sea Shepherd Sweater

Ah,I feel better now - his Christmas sweater in pictures at last! I was beginning to fear it would get destroyed or lost before I could get any shots of him wearing it. I really adore this sweater on him and it knit up so fast that I have a feeling there will be many more in his future. One in every color I can get my hands on! The sweater pattern is called "The Fisherman's Pullover" but being a former animal rights activist, I had to rename it to "The Sea Shepherd's Pullover". I used Brambleberry Yarns raspberry worsted in the sea grass colorway. The subtle variations in this yarn are striking in person. I wish I was able to photograph them better for you to see. I had a few mods to the pattern and will add them to my rav page later. At the moment, I am feeling a bit under the weather and I can't remember exactly what I did differently other than using bigger needles.

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