Monday, December 31, 2012


A little glimpse into my little one's Mama-made gifts:

Mama made Christmas gifts
C's Phoebe mouse with sweater to match her own Phoebe sweater.


K's Phoebe mouse also with matching sweater




Mouse sweater rav notes here. Mouse doll rav notes here. I had fun knitting these guys up. I decided to forgo embroidering  their eyes and nose and went with wool felt instead. Their little faces are quite endearing. These mice have been dragged everywhere since Christmas day so I am glad I decided to go with superwash wool for them after much debate.

*Oh, right now might be a good time to mention that I took all of these photos late in the day so they aren't the best but hopefully you get the idea!*



K's Mama hen with chicks. My Aunt actually got K the Mama hen (who was made by our lovely school store manager, I believe) but I decided her wings (which are pockets!) needed some babies to snuggle in. I used a yellow felted sweater and made two chicks for K and then one each for C and Little L.



Little L's tree blocks (some made by me and some found in consignment at our school store) and fabric bucket for storing them. I knew right away when I saw this Heather Ross dwarfs fabric that it would be absolutely fabric for use with tree blocks. The fabric sadly is now out of print but I found some on Etsy or you could check out her new book which has software to make your own fabric from her prints! The fabric bucket pattern is from Maya Made.




Lastly, and the most popular of the gifts, C Baby and K baby were once again re-done and just like new. The girls do not have a lot of toys and really play with their dolls more than anything so they get destroyed well loved very quickly. I made new dresses and pantaloons for them, too.

One gift I do not have pictures of yet is Little L's Christmas sweater, even though he has worn it three times since he got it. I'll snap some pics of him in it soon. It looks so warm and cozy. I think he might need one in every color!

Up next will be the gifts my children made.

p.s - I forgot all about New Year's day falling on Tuesday and I am imagining that not too many of you will be up for participating in KCCO on that day so we'll postpone it one more week.
Happy New Year!

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