Monday, October 22, 2012

Here we go a-pumkining

pumpkin patch 2
Photo by my talented friend Amy

pumpkin patch
Also by Amy

Waldorf School Field Trip

Waldorf School Field Trip

Waldorf School First Grade Field Trip
Corn maze (first grade field trip)

8th grade buddy carved pumpkin (from school)
K's pumpkin carved in class by her 8th grade buddy *meow*

Here we go a-pumpkining
Another pumpkin picking adventure with friends

Here we go a-pumpkining

Here we go a-pumpkining

'Pumpkining' could be a word if I really wanted it to be, right?!
K's first grade class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch about 45 minutes away from school the other week and C, Little L and I got to tag along. K's very first field trip! Quite exciting!! We had to drive over a couple of bridges to get there (remember my irrational fear?) leaving me a bit panic-stricken, and regretting leaving my hammer at home. Yes, I am the crazy person who likes to keep a hammer in her car just in case the need to smash open my window ever arrives. I am begging Kevin to get me this for Christmas this year. Seems like the perfect way to feed calm my paranoia - wouldn't you say?
Nevertheless, bridges and all, we made it there in one piece. It was a beautiful day, just right for pumpkin picking. I didn't get any pictures when we were picking out our pumpkins (due to Mama meltdown probably stemming from my silly bridge anxiety) but thankfully my friend Amy was there and she snapped those two beautiful pictures above. The children brought their pumpkins back to class and then they carved them with their 8th grade buddies last week. K chose a kitty face for her pumpkin, which didn't surprise me at all. She likes her pumpkins to be animals.

Last week we went pumpkin picking again, but this time  with one of of dear friends at a patch just down the road. Little L wore his finished pumpkin hat for the occasion but only for a moment. Neither of my girls ever gave me any problems with wearing hats but this little guy really puts up a struggle with them. He has worn them since birth but now he has quite a strong will of his own and will only wear one if he doesn't notice me putting it on him. Steiner had a strong view on warmth for children as do those who follow his teachings, and I feel the same way - I have probably mentioned it far too many times on here. He also believed that one of the most critical gifts we can give a child is to ensure they have sufficient warmth by keeping their head covered, which ‘keeps the inner soul warm’. Little ones are dependent on us to dress them appropriately because they do not have a fully developed sense for temperature. Knowing this just makes it all the more troublesome for me with Little L's refusal of hats. At least he still wears his wool layers. I will count my blessings, just keep trying, and  remind myself this is just a season we are going through.

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