Thursday, October 18, 2012

Homeschooling Moments



K's 'Our Lady of Guadalupe in a field of Castilla roses' needle felting  
K's 'Our Lady of Guadalupe in a field of Castilla flowers' needlefelted art


Homeschool  lunch time at school - notice the orange slices all around Little L's seat (and his cute feet dangling over the chair like a big boy!)

I said I would post some moments from our homeschooling days before they were terribly out of date BUT I didn't manage to pull that off.  I am always behind, so really that shouldn't be any surprise. Anyways, these pictures of C painting were from Michaelmas. You can see she was working very hard to keep her paint brush on it's 'tippy-tippy toes' and close all the windows (paint the whole piece of paper). We were doing our magic crayon painting (you can see more on that here) and I incorporated it into two days of homeschooling that week. At the end of drawing day I gave C the special Stockmar 'invisible' beeswax crayon and told her to draw anything she wanted with it, then on painting day we would see magic happen before our eyes.  She was a bit confused since she couldn't see what she was drawing but then when we broke out the paint on painting day and her picture started showing up she was delighted. I think we'll use these crayons a bit more often, but not too often - I would like to keep them as a magical experience for them.  I wanted to add that you can still soak your watercolor paper for wet on wet painting (as we did) when using the beeswax crayon. It didn't effect it at all. My source for these crayons was my friend Tiffeni back in Virginia but she has since closed her shop. I have seen them at Spring Creek Store, though.

On another note I have been a emotional mess the past couple of weeks. I almost burst into tears today over a construction worker yelling (very loudly!) to get my attention. Kevin will tell you that I am very sensitive (hmm, I wonder where C gets it from???) I have been chatting with friends about it and it seems I am not the only one. A lot of my friends here have been feeling somewhat similar. We are wondering if perhaps it's the impending 9 month Oregon rain season due to arrive any minute now. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the rain and what it does to our green beautiful land here. I barely ever saw rain while living in Virginia unless it was a huge storm but the dark, dank and dreariness that comes with the rain is what gets to me. I think we might have to try some vitamin D supplements this time around. Do any of you have any suggestions for safe, healthy ones? I just got word that season two of Downton Abbey is finally waiting for me at the library so maybe that will help lift my spirits in the meantime!

A big thank you to all of you for your encouragement and kindness over C's Koala Bear sweater. You made my week! I messed up my dates on the Luna Grey giveaway. I posted that it ended on October 16th (last Tuesday) when really it ends October 23rd (next Tuesday). I am sorry for the confusion. Please go enter if you haven't already done so!

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