Thursday, March 15, 2012



Well, I would love to say that I have been offline being ever so productive these past few days but that just isn't the case. Our internet decided to stop working for nearly a week, only allowing me glimpses online here and there. Then when it was working again daylight savings time came and messed with all of our sleeping patterns. I uploaded many of these pictures on Sunday night but never did get to post them.

Things seem to be on the up and up but then I noticed another issue. Some of you sent me e-mails telling me that your comments weren't posting. This was big to me because I adore and savor each and every comment I receive. They are better than chocolate or ice cream or anything else to me. I couldn't figure out what was going on and then last night I happened to look at my intense debate account and saw about 50 comments in the spam folder. I don't know why they went there but I approved them all and will respond to them soon. Many of them were from my small dreams post, and I had tear filled eyes reading them. Thank you all!

But enough about those about some girlie (and baby boy!) made shenanigans, instead?


The girls and I rolled and decorated a beeswax candle in celebration of Saint Patrick's day. I thought I would take a picture of it but someone took notice of what I was doing...






Bye, bye candle. As quickly as he stole it, he discarded it - right next to his hat he pulled off prior to me snapping these pics, mind you! I am not sure if it is a boy thing or a Baby L thing but he will not leave his hat on whereas my girls never touched theirs.




The girls made Saint Patrick puppets and they are feeling quite at home in their field (er... pot) of shamrocks. The shamrocks are thanks to my friend Dionne. I whined mentioned to her that I had been on the hunt for shamrocks but couldn't find them anywhere this year (even though in previous years, I had seen them at nearly every store I stopped in around this time). The next day there was a surprise in K's locker at school for us. Talk about feeling giddy and thankful! Thank you again, Dionne.
Ok and yes, I know I said that we don't really do coloring pages but I just decided that special days like this are an exception to the rule. Although the girls do tend to become bored with them pretty quickly no matter what the images are or what day they celebrate.



Being of Irish decent, Saint Patrick's day has always been a well loved day of mine,so I may seem a bit over the top. We've been reading (and absolutely loving) the book Patrick: Patron Saint of Irelandover and over again as well as making some crafts. We still havea couple left to make. Most of my resources for these projects can be found on my 'Winter festivals' Pinterest board.

Well, back to knitting and researching for me. Kevin and I are currently debating over bunk beds. Oh which reminded me, for whatever reason, we were startled from sleep the other night by a pack of coyotes making a kill right at our backyard fence. It was quite intense. Their sounds are beautiful but eerie. Kevin sent out Paw Paw and Beowulf to scare them back deeper into our woods.

p.s - Oh dear, it has just occurred to me that I never did tell all of you that I joined Pinterest. I only recently joined but I am already enjoying how well it keeps my ideas organized. I have even started a board for all of my ideas and tutorials here on Frontier Dreams.

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