Monday, March 19, 2012

of weather and parenting






We pretty much went through all four seasons over the course of about 12 hours today. We awoke to the chirping of spring birds and father sun's warm glow and then just a couple of hours later the sky became dark and huge snowflakes fell from the sky. Baby L woke up from his nap and just stared out the sliding glass door mesmerized by them.


(messy clothes from crawling outside!)


(notice the melted hail droplets on his hair)



A little while later it rained and then the rain turned to hail. The girls were finishing up their baths so I took Baby L out to experience hail for the first time. We stood under cover and stuck our hands out to catch the hail. He caught a few pieces and giggled with delight. I grabbed an old wooden bowl and put it on the railing outside of our kitchen to see how much hail we could gather. Once the hail stopped the sun came right back out and it was spring all over again. I brought the bowl in and let Baby L experience it some more. Of course, it quickly turned to water but he enjoyed every second of it while it lasted.

Just like the weather, we had an up and down day of parenting. K is at the end of a week long illness, and has been cooped up (along with C) in this house far too long. Add to that the usual crazy excitement (for all the little ones) of Daddy being home with us and then top it with an overly sensitive Mama dealing with hurt feelings over a recent comment on my 'small dreams' post (after already feeling like I am the worst mother in the world 95% of the time in my life)... well, I am guessing you can imagine the outcome. I know there is grace in each and every moment of all that was today - now I need to go reflect on that. I am so thankful for each blessing, even if it doesn't seem like a blessing at the time, I know in my heart it really is.
Parenting and weather really are quite similar - everything changes frequently and sometimes rather suddenly, temperatures (or moods) go hot/cold, and you always have to be prepared for what happens next, but no matter what play and enjoy every minute of it!


Now to wind down with Kevin, and some (sugar-free, paleo friendly) Coconut Bliss. Thanks for reading. See you soon for KCCO!

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