Monday, November 7, 2011

Rhythm In Our Home : A Fairy Tradition

I realize this post is a bit bizarre (wasn't I just posting about Advent yesterday?), but I am a bit behind (what's new?!). If it makes it any better I did plan on posting this Halloween night...

Halloween is a holiday that our family started celebrating rather on accident. We didn't have any plans to make it a yearly celebration, (although we didn't have any plans the other way, either) but it's one of those holidays that once you start celebrating it with children, it's hard to stop. One of the reasons we were originally not so interested in celebrating it is because of the candy/sugar. We couldn't think of a way to get around it. Then the perfect solution for our family came to us - the Halloween Fairy. I would love to give credit where it's due for the idea but, for the life of me, I just can not remember who/where we got it from . It's so simple and sweet. It works really well, least for now while they are still in early childhood. (Halloween from the past here, here, and here) This is what our family does:

Since trick or treating begins after the girls bedtime we keep it short. We have an early dinner, the girls get in their costumes and we go out for about a half hour. That is just the right amount of time for them. (and for the rest of us!) This year we did something a bit more fun. After our half hour, we stopped at our special neighbor's house (remember the ones I gushed about a few times before? The one who might end up being K's first grade teacher???) to end the night. That was more exciting to the girls than all the trick or treating they previously did. We chatted with them for a bit and the girls even received something they could actually eat from them (honey straws), then we went home.

There was a bowl on the kitchen table waiting for the girls' candy. The girls looked through it for something they could keep, but, alas there was nothing. Then one by one they placed their candy pieces in to the bowl. Once every last piece was in there, we put the bowl in the center of the table for the Halloween Fairy to find.
We then did our usual bedtime rhythm and the girls went to bed. While they slept the Halloween Fairy, ahem - Kevin and I, gathered up the candy and brought it downstairs for Kevin to hide in his bag until he could bring it to work. Of course we both ate a few pieces. I always need to eat a bit of candy this time of year to remind myself that I really just don't like the taste of it anymore.

When the girls woke up the next morning (always earlier than usual, out of pure excitement) the bowl once filled with candy was now filled with treasures for them, instead. We try not to overdue it and give them too much, instead we want it to be just enough handmade goodness that's worth giving up their candy for. This year the Halloween Fairy was very grateful for handmade help from others. The girls received some honey straws, stickers, the sweetest sheep set from Little Wool (oh my goodness are they sweet! Even cuter than the pictures could show), and beautiful handmade notebooks from Frost Lane. The girls really enjoyed their gifts and they really inspired them, as you can see!

We enjoy this tradition, and I hope it can last quite a while.K seems to be the most excited over the Halloween Fairy. She even dressed as her for Halloween this year. Every year, the day after Halloween she likes to leave a note on our nature table for the Halloween Fairy. She asks the fairies that visit our house to bring it to her. It is just a small, simple note saying thanks, but oh how huge that gratitude is to this Halloween Fairy Mama!

Please remember - this is just our family rhythm and what works for us at the moment. This isn't meant to be hard and fast rules on how rhythm should go in every one or any one's homes. I just thought to share it because I receive quite a few e-mails asking about our home rhythm, and I also just wanted it documented for myself so that I may remember these times when they are older and/or on to another rhythm.

Thank you, again, for joining me in the rhythm fun! Here is the linky list. If you have a (new or old) link you would like to share about your family rhythm, please enter it below so that we all may see. Then please link back here in your post. I look forward to seeing your inspiration!
Thanks friends!

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