Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Before the Sun Leaves Us (For THREE Seasons)

Let us soak it up for just a few more days with:

Reading to our friends

Stickers, hole punches and upside down silliness

Impromptu games on the kitchen floor (with Chubba Bubbas attacking and destroying)

Rare and special Daddy time

Brother and Sister time (with K pretending to be Mama by wearing Baby L for a very short time under strict supervision, of course)

Cutting ones own hair (Must be some sort of rite of passage as K did it around this age, too. I don't know if C did this to herself or if K did it. If you ask C - K did it, if you ask K - C did it. At least it was just a tiny bit of hair and not a whole new style that I needed to fix like someone else I know did - twice, ahem)

Playing soccer with Daddy -always eventful. Kevin expects them to play but they are not at that age yet so they play for a minute or two...

as she fell onto her back trying to kick the ball so hard (maybe it was a good thing she wanted to wear my bike helmet, after all?)

...and then they move on to other things like trying to throw the ball over the net

and bike riding.

Oh, I am not ready to give all this up and move on to the cold weather again. It's pretty much already here so I know I have to, but can I please just have one more day??

Oh, like that last picture? Yeah, that's my beloved camera lens finally biting the dust. Well, not officially - it is fixable, but I just don't want to have to part with it for two weeks. I'm a wimp, right? I have been putting off mailing it in for many months now but I can't any longer. It's now to the point that I can take one picture in focus (manual or auto) and then I have to mess with it for five minutes then take another picture, mess with it for five minutes... not the most ideal situation for capturing daily life with fast moving children or even still life for that matter. Time to bite the bullet.

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