Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hand Knit Hand Me Downs

Have you heard of Julie from This Cozy Life?If you haven't, please hop over and see her right now, you will be glad you did. Oh the things I could say about Julie, she is one of those kindred spirits and just so down to earth. I always look forward to any conversation we may have.

Julie started a flickr group awhile back called Hand Knit Hand Me Downs, where you can give your old loved hand knit or crocheted items a new home with someone else. What a brilliant idea, is it not?! I couldn't just get rid of my works of love once outgrown (and I can't keep all of them), but knowing they would go to someone who would love them just as much or someone who really needs them just makes my heart sing.
I have been wanting to give away some of my little ones' old knits through her group but haven't found the time just yet. I'll let you all know when I do, if you'd like.

I, excuse me - Baby L, was the lucky recipient of one of Julie's hand knits offered through the group. When I saw the photos she posted of her adorable daughter wearing this vest I just knew it would be perfect for Baby L. (In case you're wondering the pattern is Plain Vest by Anna & Heidi Pickles) I contacted Julie about it asking to be put onto the list for it and was pleasantly surprised when she e-mailed me back saying it was mine.

I put it on him the day it arrived and he has been wearing it quite often since then. When Kevin was home recently, I took advantage of the rare opportunity and made him hold Baby L to model it. I think they both enjoyed this arrangement.
By the way, those soft yet bulletproof blue shorties Baby L is wearing in these photos are by Twee Baby. They are our best diaper cover, yet. I can't get over how well they work!

A few minutes after these shots a large diaper explosion caused us to change Baby L out of the Twee shorties and into an old pilly knitted cover. This called for a change of scenery as well - outside to the porch, it is!

Apparently either the diaper explosion or the change of scenery brought about waves of giggles and excitement.

Seeing my two guys having such a great time together really brings a smile to me face. I mean, come on, look at those two! Could you help but smile seeing them? Great fun had by all! Thank you Julie for your kindness and for bringing about this fun day.

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Don't forget to check out Julie's group Hand Knit Hand Me Downs.

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