Thursday, September 29, 2011

Photography with Children

These photographs are from this summer but they seemed to capture my daily photographic encounters quite nicely.

Ah, I step into my kitchen at just the right time of day to see father sun shining ever so beautifully through an old vintage canning jar of mine. Love those jars, by the way, I am always hunting for them. I had a thrift store score last week finding one for 95 cents. The way the sun made the aqua colored glass glow along with the bright yellow of the wildflowers - it was just a photographic moment I could not pass up. I had to run off and find my camera. Sometimes that's an easy task and other times not so much. I tend to leave my camera all over the house - depending on where I took a photo last. Luckily, this day I knew right where it was. I grabbed it and ran back to the flowers.

I snapped a photo, viewed it and made some adjustments in my camera then snapped again. The clicks of the camera alerted some one nearby and by the time I stepped back and snapped the next picture this is what I saw...

We're just grabbing an apple quick to snack on, Mama!

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know

Ummmmmm... I thought you were just grabbing an apple quick?

And that's how it usually goes around here.
My silly little hams.

I do receive questions about photography quite often and I am unsure how to answer them, honestly. I am humbled and honored that anyone likes my photography - it truly means a lot to me to hear that. I just try to capture the beauty in the ordinary things. I think the best way to answer is to send you over to Amanda's post here, again. She pretty much sums it all up. I read my camera's manual every week at least and try to take photos daily. I admit that the digital world of photography is far different from the film version, at least for me it is. I studied photography at the Atlanta College of Art many years ago - back before digital cameras were the norm. Oh how I miss the dark room and my film camera (it was broken in customs when we moved back here to the states after living in South Korea). Digital cameras have so many more options than the film ones, almost too many options in my opinion. It can be quite overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you are used to using film. Heck, it still gets overwhelming for me at times. There is a great little e-book put out by Kristen Duke photography entitled 'Say NO! to Auto' that I really recommend. It's quite helpful for starting out with photography and getting an understanding of all that you and your camera can do. I hope that helps some!

On a closing note, this yummy, yummy book arrived at my doorstep earlier this week. The girls and I have all been skimming and drooling over it many times a day. I am counting down the minutes until October 1st (when Kevin gets paid) so that I can go grocery shopping and start cooking from it. yum!

Happy Michaelmas, everyone! We will be celebrating it all day tomorrow at school and at home. I'll be back with pictures of it all, hopefully! In the meantime, you can view our last three years of Michaelmas celebrations here, here and here.

I typed up my Birthday Makings post last night in bits and pieces in between (still sick) Baby L's constant wakings to nurse so I forgot a couple of details. One of the more important one being what pattern K baby was made from. She is the Joy's Waldorf Dolls 16" baby companion. I chose to leave off the nose, though. It seems that every doll I make or buy that has a nose ends up getting ridiculously dirty on the nose or the fabric wears off there. I decided to forgo it altogether.

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