Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making a House a HOME

We have been in this house about a year and a half now and I am just now starting to make it a home.Yes, I am admitting to it, it's quite embarrassing, really. I envy those talented women who make a new house an inviting cozy home right when they first move in, seeing all the potential their new space has. That's just not me anymore, no matter how hard I try. I did it when Kevin and I first got married but since having little ones I just can't seem to concentrate on those kinds of things. It takes me a long time to figure out placement of furniture, wall color, how to fix things up and all those little details that make a place your own. Come to think of it, all the walls in this house are still the *cough* not so attractive *cough* colors the last owners painted them, except for the girls' bedroom that I lazured in that beautiful shade of peachy-pink. But that is more of a finance issue. We have the colors picked for each room but we just need to be able to buy the paint...and find the time to paint,too!

A while ago I mentioned that I was framing pictures and debating using some of my fabric stash to make curtains. This was all for our dining room - one of the hearts of our home. I hung up the pictures (we LOVE them) and I decided to go ahead and turn that fabric into curtains. I am happy I did. It's already making things much cozier in there, not to mention the fact that the whole neighborhood can't watch us eat now (always a plus, right?!) They go well with the colors in our kitchen, too (which were inspired by my favorite bowl and some produce - yeah, too much to explain in this post - that will come later). We are undecided about the wall color in the dining room but the curtains do go with it, if we decide to keep it.
I am, by far, no interior decorator, but I think I am getting by, enough.

K is even helping me make things more cheery by picking flowers to put in the dining room. These ones are on top of my favorite pieces of furniture I own, along with one of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa working in the Army Air Corps kitchen during WWII. I don't know what you call this piece but it has three shelves with chicken wire front doors and it's meant for storing potatoes, onions, etc. I found this baby for free on freecycle back in Virginia. I just needed to re sand it, beeswax it and replace the chicken wire. If only I could always be so lucky.

I mention quite often to my family how badly I want a different table. The one we have was kindly given to us, it is a good size for our growing family and serves it's purpose. All of that said, it's just not us. I dream of someday having an old farmhouse table, big enough to fit a possibly large family. I try not to focus on possessions but I have to admit, thoughts of this dream table make me giddy. But until this dream table somehow manifests itself into our home, we make do with what we have.

I think all of my whining dreaming has been a bit too influential on C, though. I left her and K in the dining room making cards this afternoon, just for a brief moment - mind you - to change Baby L's diaper, and came back to this. Does it remind you of anything... perhaps from about 2 years ago? Oh my silly C. K was never one to color anywhere but on paper but little Miss C has other ideas. The world is her canvas. I love her for it, but our furniture doesn't feel the same way I do. *sigh* Maybe that table will manifest itself now?

Oh and while I am at it, I feel the need to fully disclose my posting habits. You may have noticed my usual posting time has recently changed. I always used to wake up early and do my posts in the mornings before the little ones were awake. I tried to keep up with my east coast timing when we moved out here to the west coast but it just wasn't happening. I was scheduling the posts to appear around the time I used to actually do them but then I began to wonder - why am I doing this? It felt rather silly so I just decided I'll post when I can, whatever time that may be (since I only have the computer when Kevin is home from work - which is a very short window of time during the week). Ok, phew, I feel better getting that out there now.

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