Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In a Bit of a Pickle

Well, let's start with the current predicament I am in. I had one yard of this beautiful Heather Ross fabric sitting around for years now waiting for me to do something with it. Yesterday I decided I would make something out of it. I grabbed my copy of Weekend Sewing and found the perfect pattern 'The Flower Girl Dress'. It called for 1 yard of fabric, perfect! But then when I went to place my pattern on the fabric I found that there was no way I could possibly do it on just one yard of fabric :( What a way to kick off my summer sewing *sigh*. Has anyone made this dress? Have you had any problems like this with it? It seems like if I turned the skirt pattern piece sideways and sewed it that way I could get it all to fit but then the skirt wouldn't be full enough... or so I assume.
Or another thought is trying a different pattern all together... any suggestions for ones that use just one yard of fabric?

On a happier note,here's where I am at on the Shalom KAL.

I haven't been knitting as much as I have been wanting to (still getting over our colds) but I am excited to be almost finished with the yoke. I'll take it off the needles and try it on after that point to see how it is fitting. Fingers crossed it will fit as I am envisioning. As you can see I have modifications to other modifications on my notes (written in chicken scratch while trying to balance a baby).

Speaking of knitting, I finally got our guardian angel AKA C's teacher to tell me a few things she would like. She mentioned a nice warm and fuzzy shawl. She would like it to be square or circular and I am assuming lace weight. She was using L's beautiful lace knitted blanket/shawl (a gift from one of K's teachers) as an example. I thought I had pictures of it on here but I guess not. I'll have to take one today or tomorrow. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. I have yet to knit a shawl so I would love your advice on lace knitting and any ideas or patterns would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I am hoping to finish it before the last day of school in June... that may be wishful thinking, though.

Ok, thank you in advance for any help you can give me! Now, please do tell, what do you have in progress?
Happy creating!

Thank you for your comments on my knitting post. I'll be back tomorrow with answers to all your questions.

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