Monday, May 30, 2011

Out and About : K's Waldorf Kindergarten Classroom

I have been thinking a lot lately about the beauty in the places we see every day, but seldom stop to savor. I decided I needed to make myself slow down and enjoy the scenery around us, no longer taking it for granted. To help in this endeavor I am photographing our usual times out and about, as well as places we have never been. This way I can fully soak it all in, as well as have these moments to look back at. Won't you join me? If you have any of your own out and about photos to share (new or old) please leave a link in the comments. Think 'corners of my home' but 'out of the home surroundings' instead. I know we would all love to see the beauty that surrounds you in your everyday life.

Since we already viewed the little corner of school that C and I attend I thought I would share a few glimpses of K's space as well.Starting with her locker outside of the classroom with it's beautiful wool felt flower. This is where all of her outside gear is kept. Since this is Oregon and no matter what the classes go outside every day, her locker is filled with rain gear.

Next is her cubby inside the classroom with her symbol clearly showing on it.

Above her cubby is a drying rack, an Angel to watch over them and their rest time lyre.

Also near the cubbies is the rainbow of playsilks. K loves when she is tasked to re-create the rainbow at the end of playtime.

The Sistine Madonna. You can read more about her role in the Waldorf early years programs at my wonderful friend Rebecca's blog

Doll play

Kitchen Nook

Above the (real) kitchen area

Picture above the indoor sandbox

Early May nature table (yes, these pics were from May Faire, I am a bit behind here!)

Circle time rug (Why yes that is my baby napping on the rug. And yes he is without a hat - Eeeeek! It had just fallen off as I put him down there and I didn't want to wake him to put it back on)

Some Daddy and baby sunflower fun!

I am so happy to know this little corner will be K's home again next year as she continues on with her second year of kindergarten. Such a blessing it truly is to be able to hold onto childhood just a bit longer...

And now for something completely different:
All the little ones in our house are on the road to recovery and 99% back to full health. The Mama of the house, on the other hand, is fighting a nasty sinus infection. I have been doing my best fending it off with drinking tons of water as well as dripping salt water in my nose (aka the netti pot method, but without a netti pot, I think I need to put that on my birthday wish list!), and going to bed ridiculously early. I am really trying to avoid the full blown infection I had 5 years ago all over again. Every time I look at the computer screen or even knitting needles my eyes go cross so I haven't been able to knit nor respond to questions/comments. I haven't forgotten, I will respond this week. Keep checking back. Sorry, again, for this.

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