Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Stitch in Time

C at 4 months

Nothing melts this Mama's heart more than my little ones in handmades. There is just something about the idea of them being clothed and completely surrounded in all the love I put into each and every stitch of their garment.

Something I find especially yummy is seeing my new baby in things I made for the previous one. I learned to knit when K was 6 months old, and then only really started to knit when C was born (I literally knit only sheep and pigs from the book 'A First Book of Knitting for Children'up until that point), so L is my first baby I get to see this with.

L in C's sweater

Like this sweater, for example. I knit it for C when she was 4 months old (Rav notes here). You can see the original post here. Although I knit it in a size 6 months it didn't fit her. She wore it for a few minutes while I took a couple of pictures and then I tearfully packed it away for the next baby. It was depressing and discouraging for me that it didn't fir her at that time. Like I said, I was just starting to venture out in my knitting and that was only the 3rd sweater I ever made. It felt like it took years to complete. How funny to think back on that now.

Fast forward three years later. I found that sweater packed away in a baby box a couple of weeks after L was born and on a whim tried it on him - it fit, minus a little rolling up of the sleeves. Seeing him in it made me want to cuddle with him even more (as if I didn't already cuddle with him enough)

I have been squeezing him in it as often as I can ever since that day. Soon, it will be too small and I will have to pack it away again. This time it won't be with tears of sadness, oh no, but tears of joy, knowing how much it was loved and kept my baby warm.

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