Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue and Yellow

Ha! It wasn't until I uploaded these pictures that I noticed I have a color theme going on with my WIPs this week. Quite funny what you see through the camera's lens. I admit I always find something new or see things differently when I photograph what I am working on. It's like a meditation of sorts and it really helps me out.

Do you see this yarn above in all it's yellow glory (thanks to Amanda, yellow has really grown on me). This yarn is a huge deal for me because it will be knit into something for me. Yep, this is one for the record books, folks. I am always knitting for others, it's just what I enjoy doing. Especially for my children. They are only young once, and who's to say they won't despise Mama made things when they get older (I seriously hope not, but you never know). So in my past five years of knitting I have made a grand total of two things for myself, both of which I don't even wear. One was a pair of toasties, which were knit with peace fleece yarn. I discovered that yarn is much to itchy for me and I just can not wear it. My second project was the Soulemama hat. I loved the hat and tried to wear it but again it was knit with the same yarn and therefor much to itchy for me to wear. Both of these items were happily adopted by K though so they are still loved by someone, at least.

OK so let's fast forward to this year. I have no clothes that fit and I am quite tired of having to wear the few things that kind of fit over and over again. Plus I am just always cold. I think it's time I knit a couple of things for myself. Since I am used to knitting children's sizes the thought of knitting a sweater for myself is a bit daunting. Then I came across the Shalom pattern. It's done on large needles with bulky yarn. That seems like the perfect sweater for me to start with. I plan on altering the pattern to have long sleeves (did I mention I am cold, yet?) and more buttons. I also need to figure out how to modify the size of the pattern. (As it's for a size 32" bust but I am a 36". Ughhh math, you plague me.)
Lucky for me, my friend Linda happens to be hosting a Shalom knit along right now. I am hoping to seek out the wisdom of the other participants for all of my modifications. Now I just need to wind that yarn and cast on. Squeal!

Besides my selfish project I am also working on:

Bloomers for K's birthday dress from last year. Yeah I am just a bit late with these...

but this is all the blue thread I have left. Think I could finish them with this? Eh, I guess I'll be making a trip to the fabric store this week.

A little something for my little L. Go figure - more baby knitting!

Please stop on by Linda's blog if you'd like to join us in the Shalom KAL. It's not too late.

I also forgot to mention I finished my WIP from a couple weeks ago just in time for May Faire. C has been wearing it ever since, even bringing it to bed with her. I think she likes it! It's the 'girl's cap sleeved spring shirt' pattern. Thank you to my dear friend Hillary for the pattern. My rav notes can be found here.

What are you working on? Happy creating!

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