Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upstairs to Fairyland

Upstairs to fairyland,

Mind how you go.

Hold tight to Mama's hand,

Walk on tiptoe.

Get your tickets ready to

Pass through the nursery gate,

Quiet as a mouse.

Then you'll be in Fairyland

(Wow! You can really tell I was playing with my camera in these pics, I apologize for their darkness)

At the top of the house.

Last week I got around to sewing the girls Christmas nightgowns. Of course, I realize it is not Christmas but this was the first chance I had to get to them after buying the flannel last summer.

It ended up working out for the best as both of the girls are cold in them and have to wear their wool long johns underneath them (in May, no less!). Nevertheless, they love them.

(K pretending to hold a baby)

K's fits perfectly with a little room to grow but C's is like a tent on her. When I cut the fabric out last fall I got a size 4/5 for her. As you know she just turned 3, so to say the finished nightgown was huge may be an understatement. I took many inches off of the length and her sleeves but didn't bother taking it in at all. She lives in it and says it's comfy so that's all that matters. I will just remember to make the proper size next time ahem.

Perhaps we will make it a tradition to have mama made flannel nightgowns in the spring and autumn from now on.

(Let's ignore how badly K baby needs a good bath in this pic, eh?)

And for my current work in progress; more knitting. The colors are pleasantly reminding me of spring.

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