Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WIP Wednesday: The Gnome & The Quest for Mosaic Moon

First things first!
Anyone happen to have a half or full skein of Mosaic Moon Montana Targhee yarn (or something similar worsted) in the Rose Bouquet colorway they'd be willing to sell me?
I am in the middle of knitting K a gnome hat and I am almost out of yarn with more than half of the hat to go. I can not find that yarn anywhere. If I didn't already knit the matching mittens I would just scrap this project and start over but I really don't want to have to undo all this work. HELP!

Ok now that I got that out there on to my other WIPs.

I finished up the 2 sweater ornaments to match the girls sweaters from last year and this year. They came out so cute! I love how fast they were to knit, too. I decided to help my memory I would embroider the year they received the sweater on the back. As you can see I didn't do the best job with that. I think I am going to re-do it in a different stitch.

I just need to sew in the ends on this one.

Yesterday, the girls and I decided to start on some of our felted acorn ornaments.

Yum, yum! My favorite colors!!

The girls had so much fun in the soapy bubbles

K is still working on her finger knit garland for the tree this year

A quick teasel hedgehog

Also currently working on:
- catching up on e-mails from way back before we even left for the Oregon Trail. Eeeeek!! If I owe you an e-mail, it's coming soon, I'm sorry!
- researching lazure techniques and how to make the 'Peach Blossom' color. Finding information on this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
- more ornaments and Christmas gifts

Wow, that ended up being a long WIP post! I am trying to make the best of this time before we move into the house because I know I won't be able to craft for quite awhile then.
What are you working on?
Happy creating!



kate said...

Your wee ornaments are beautiful - do you use a pattern or did you make one up yourself? Love your blog. So inspiring!

healing hillary said...

that hedgehog is too stinkin' cute. how'd you make it?
love the felt acorn project and ornaments...great job K on the garland. i look forward to T being able to participate with that in future years.

peace to you all,

Anonymous said...

Hello!I was awarded the Kreative blogger award and was asked to pass it along to seven blogs I love, you were one of my seven so please let me know if you are interested in passing the award onto seven blogs you admire.

Unknown said...

i love it all..:) i'm actually going to make the princess and the pea set for xi for the holidays and emailed you about it..teehee...i'll wait for your reply love! ;)

not much longer and you'll be setting up home...i'm so happy for you all..:)

gardenmama said...

so much beauty and color!
i love the sweet hedgie : )
yes, i agree i have not found too much online info on lazure painting either... happy week to you nicole!

mamaraby said...

I love the sweater ornaments! In the past we've bought ornaments for the kids (and been disappointed at what was available). You've inspired me to do a bit of pondering on this one for this year. I also love the idea of a finger knit Christmas tree garland. I bet my son would get a kick out of doing that!

Joy said...

Everything is so cute! I love the sweater ornaments! Hedgie is pretty cute too. :)

Melissa (raminthethicket) said...

I have a link saved for lazure painting, I haven't tried it yet. I am moving out of my sewing room and am going to refinish my sewing room for one of my son's to make room for the new baby (which will go in his old room with our toddler sometime next Spring or so) anyway, I was thinking about using this technique in his new room. This is an eguide and it costs $14.99. Hopefully it's worth the money. It's here if you are interested:
Good luck ;o) ~Melissa

kate said...

I just lazured a room - and have yet to blog/flickr it. I let go of my peachblossem ideals and just let it flow, and actually very happy with where it ended. I was really happy to find a few "easier" methods and to be honest, I think the one I ended up with turned out great! I used a glazing material from miller paint mixed with stockmar paint dripped in and a bit of water. I just did two layers - so yellow, then pink on top - and then I ended up adding blue on other side of room and extended a rainbow effect (peachy for two walls, with pink to purple to blue for a tiny corner...) it was so easy except that I had to treat each section/color as a separate job in terms of painting/dry time.

Beth said...

You and your girls are bursting with fun and activity! And that wee hedgehog melts my heart.

leaningapplemama said...

i also nominated you for the kreativ blogger award! no pressure to continue it on but part of the rules are to let the person you admire there you are! thanks for your inspiration!!


Prairie Girl said...

I love the idea of embroidering the year on the sweater ornaments. They are so cute! And that hedgehog is squeezable adorable (though perhaps not the best way to love a hedgehog!)

FrontierDreams said...

Kate - Thanks! I got the pattern off ravelry <3 I'm going to e-mail you back ASAP, I'm behind! I'm sorry!!

Hillary- We found the teasels on our road trip and I saved them. I found the info in the nature corner book. It was just a simple hair cut and sticking in some pics. He's too prickly to play with though so he will just have to stay on the nature table.

Rosaleen- Thank you! You are so sweet! I am going to try.

Cat- I am so behind! I am going to e-mail you soon! I miss you!!!!

Nicole- Thank you! Happy week to you, too!

Pampered Mom- I would love to see what you come up with!

Joy- Thank you!

Melissa- Thank you for that info! I am going to check it out <3 I am knitign with your yarn right now and I am so in love!

Kate- Thank you! I will have to talk with you more about this :)

Beth- Thank you!

Pennie- Thank you so much! I am going to try :)

Prairie girl - Thank you! Yeah after creating that little hedgie we decided it's bestto admire from afar. :p

Grace said...

I can help you with the lazure.

First you need to paint the wall with a FLAT white paint. Anything with a gloss won't work. Then you mix Stockmar watercolor paint (about a teaspoon) with a glaze product (like SafeCoat Acricoat Glaze Matte). Add enough water to it so that it's the consistency of milk. So not quite as runny as water. Make one batch with carmine red and one batch with lemon yellow. Use a rag or a really large bristle brush to apply the paint in figure 8's. Go over them and over them so that you can't really see the figure 8 shapes anymore. There are two ways to do the color. The first is to do the pink over the whole wall and then the yellow over it. This is if only one person is painting. The other way is to have two people painting at the same time and one has pink and the other has yellow. I did it the first way because I didn't have anyone to do it with me. I hope this helps!


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