Friday, October 2, 2009

For the Love of Handmade

There is something wonderfully special about handmade. Unlike mass produced things, everything handmade is unique and has it's own personality. No matter how hard the creator may try no two are ever alike.
What I truly cherish about handmade things are the flaws. Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but to me they are beautiful. They are the proof that a human created it. I can see the love that went into it, the time, and even the moments it tested it's creator's patience.

When I create something I don't see the flaws in the same light. I see them as mistakes and proof that I can not be perfect. I will undo, redo, toss aside and even throw tantrums that rival my daughters. Perhaps I need to step back and look at my own flaws in the same way I look at others. I hope to have that ability some day.

The beautiful sweater pictured above was a score the girls and I found when we first moved here in September. One of our local Waldorf schools was having a rummage sale so we could not resist checking it out. This sweater alone made it worth it...

...and of course the organic plums!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Carrie said...

A Waldorf rummage sale?!?! That sounds wonderful!

I also love to see the flaws! When I am knitting something, even just a dishrag for around the house, I will put one "Mistake" stitch in there (if it hasn't happened naturally) as a reminder.

Now, with sewing there is always some sort of flaw..... :)

mamaraby said...

Carrie - I love the idea of adding in a mistake stitch!

Embracing the flaws in the handmade...hmmm. That's something I need to work on. I tend to see them in much the same way you do, Nicole. No one else seems to notice them quite like I do, but with all the mass produced clothing sometimes it seems so hard not to. I can't help but want my piece to measure up to that same level.

Mountain Sketch said...

I so very much agree. Usually my stuff has so many flaws, but the few time things have come out so "perfect" they almost looked store bought I was actually sad. Hee hee : )
Pretty sweater by the way.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Thank you Nicole, for sharing these thoughts. I struggle too with wanting everything I make to be perfect. Sometimes I am able to let it go, other times I am not.
That sweater sure is beautiful. You and I seem to share a deep love for the color pink!

Marina said...

A Waldorf rummage sale???!! Oh my word, I'd be in absolute heaven... did you get much good stuff???

Lately I've just been CRAVING the goodness of handmade. Since I'm not much of a knitter, I've been loving the feel of the boys handmade wooden toys, cherishing the nicks here and there that the woodworker made with his tools.

I aspire to be good enough to purposefully leave a small imperfection in my handiwork ;}... as it stands now, there is NO mistaking that most of the things I craft are lovingly, if not skillfully mama made ;).

Thanks for the beautiful thought-provoking post!

gardenmama said...

Nicole, your little one is so incredibly sweet! : )
I love, love your sentiments in this post about handmade and about imperfections!! Beautifully said, something that I also love about handmade. I specifically 'collect' vintage embroidered linens and I love to trace the stitches and learn how they were made seeing straight and not so straight lines along the way telling a tale of the person who made it... (And yes, I am the same way with myself, wanting things to look just so ; )

healing hillary said...

you are such a gentle soul nicole. i love your assessment of flaws in handiwork. the lovely woman who taught me to knit called my mistakes, trademarks, never to be repeated...and i liked that perspective.

i think that mistakes are the beauty that is handmade.

thanks for sharing...and i'm with marina, waldorf rummage...heaven!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

We stumbled upon that rummage sale once on a drive home to Bainbridge Island. there is nothing better than a Waldorf rummage sale. Lots of wool yarn, fabulous books, sometimes Waldorf dolls/toys and great clothes.

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