Monday, September 28, 2009

Defeating the Dragon

I am Micha-el's helper,
Like his light shining bright,
I come to you.

I am Micha-el's helper,
Like his lyre strong and clear,
I come to you.

-M.L. Channer, from Autumn by Wynstones Press

Tomorrow is Michaelmas and it truly is one of K's favorite celebrations. It is a festival for St. Michael who is known as the conqueror of the dragon and who gives strength to people. This is the time when we look within ourselves to defeat our own inner dragons. In anticipation we have been singing songs, reciting poems, making swords and pretending to be dragons. We also have been reading Dragon Baked Bread, which is such a wonderful book, perfect for Autumn time. K loves that it is a small girl who saves the kingdom (and not the usual strong man).
We plan on spending the morning at the Micha-el Institute School for their Michaelmas celebration. Their wonderful Kindergarten teacher invited us. We met her last week. K was captivated by her (especially once we learned her name is Sita, which is K's imaginary friend's name). Later in the day we will read St. George and the Dragon. It is quite a long story for her age but it's only read once a year and that makes it special enough to pay attention to.

We currently have a make-shift nature table set up for Michaelmas, (along with some birthday leftovers) in the temporary apartment. Nothing special but the girls still love it. K's eyes lit up so brightly when she saw it first set up. She was excited to add all of her nature finds, and she added quite a few as you can see!

I wish you all strength, courage and hope for the upcoming seasons and beyond!



Joy said...

Your Michaelmas nature table looks lovely, temporary or not. I've always had a hard time figuring out how to celebrate Michaelmas so we've largely ignored it. Thanks for sharing your Michaelmas celebration and those lovely cards. :)

Linda said...

Your nature table is so Beautiful :) Enjoy celebrating tomorrow.



Beth said...

Did you make the beautiful St. Michael drawings? They are amazing! And thank you for teaching me about St. Michael. I've never celebrated St. Michael's day.

Beth said...

Hi...I'm trying to leave a comment again. The other one seemed to have disappeared. I was very taken with the soft, beautiful St. Michael's drawings and wondered if you had drawn them. I also wanted to let you know I was so happy to learn about St. Michael's day, because we don't celebrate it. Thanks. Beth

Grace said...

I'm wondering where you got the three-tiered stand that your nature goodies are displayed on? I've been looking for something similar for a long time. Gracias! (My kids love Michaelmas, too, although we have to celebrate two days late this year because my husband is the dragon bread maker and won't be here on the actual day.)

Anonymous said...

i don't see anything makeshift about your nature is beautiful. thanks for sharing.


gardenmama said...

Your nature table is so lovely Nicole!
Michaelmas is certainly a beautiful and powerful celebration, thank you for sharing about your days : )

Mama Rose said...

Your nature table looks wonderful. I love that you kept up K's birthday number, etc. What a way to make it feel more like home even though it's temporary. It's our first Michealmas in Waldorf. Thanks for sharing!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

You nature table is wonderful, so full of autumn beauty. I love all the St. Michael pictures too. You should get Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures someday, if only for the wonderful Michaelmas circle that is included in the book. (But not only that really, it is a great book.) There is a particular song which is one of our very favorites, we are so happy this time of year has returned so that we can sing it all day long!
Wishing you a wonderful festive day!

Sarah said...

I love Michaelmas too. We celebrate on Friday.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone! Would you believe K and I woke up with colds so we didn't end up going to the Michaelmas assembly? Oh well, next year!

Beth - Aren't the beautiful? I didn't make them. I got them from my friend Tiffeni.

Grace - I hear you! We didn't get to make dragon bread this year b/c we don't have a working oven here.
The wooden wagon carries those stands. They are made by Grimms. HTH!

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Sounds like so much fun. ANd Oh how neat that school looks - I'd love to take an intensive there sometime!

Kelly said...

Lovely nature table and happy Michaelmas celebrations!

Anne Asplin said...

Hi Nicole, I have been reading your blog for about year now but have never commented. I am trying to help a friend find a postcard that her husband accidentally used as a thank you note! She is looking for the card that is second up from the bottom. Any chance you remember where you got it from?
Thanks, Anne

FrontierDreams said...

Hi Anne,

I bough that card quite a few years ago from a store that went out of business :( But have you tried, or the Steiner college bookstore? Actually Spring Creek Store might have it. Their link is on my sidebar. HTH!

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