Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monkeying around on Halloween

K was a monkey this year for Halloween. I have to say she was a darn cute monkey at that!
Here's my little monkey. She loved her costume!

Monkey Butt!

Trick or treating with Fi and Riley

Checking out her loot at Fi's house:

She collected all her candy and then when we got home she left it out on the kitchen table for the Halloween Fairy to take. She woke up the next morning to some nice little presents from the Halloween Fairy in exchange for all that candy :)



Kimberley said...

Great idea--I love the "Halloween Fairy"--I just replaced most of the candy with "good" snacks and put it in a big bowl on the counter...the candy went in a bag--to a secret location for Daddy! What did the Halloween fairy bring?
PS-Adorable monkey!

Anonymous said...

She was adorable. I love the "Halloween Fairy" idea. She can have all the fun of Halloween but doesn't have a sugar-high for the next week. Plus it's healthier (that's probably the best part).

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks :) :) Samantha so good to 'see' you! we need to catch up!

the halloween fairy was much to kind and brought a few presents. i went a bit overboard eek!

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