Friday, October 31, 2008

K's 1st Pumpkin Moonshine/Jack-o-lantern

"Jack-o-lantern Jack-o-lantern,
how your light it does shine,
sitting up upon the window
and your light it does shine.

You were once an orange pumpkin
sitting on a pumpkin vine,
now you are my Jack-o-lantern
and your light it is mine."

We have been singing this song a lot this month. We love it!
K had her 1st ever Jack-o-lantern or Pumpkin Moonshine,as she calls it this year. This was also the very 1st pumpkin her Daddy Kevin ever did, so it was special all around! K and I did the dirty work of scooping out all the pulp and seeds and then we handed it over to Daddy to carve.

Pumpkin seeds to roast! yum,yum!

K and her pumpkin

K was the artistic director,though and told him what she wanted. I think they made a good team. We carved this pumpkin last weekend and every night we would light a candle in it and set it on the table in the living room. She has just been staring at it and watching it's face dance on the wall in the dark every night. It's magic for her. It's so amazing to watch these wondrous things through our little girl's eyes.
C offering advice from her chair:

Daddy drawing:

Daddy still drawing:

Our pumpkin all done!



MamaBirdEmma said...

Great pumpkin!

I love the hughchair cover you have... did you make it or buy it? We have a wooden one too and our boy bumps his head a lot since we don't have a cover. I'd love to get a nice one like that!

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks :)
I made the cherry print cushions. I couldn't find any to fit our highchair and I wanted cherry print for whatever reason,at the time. Now I'm kicking myself b/c the cushions are all stained from my 1st daughter. Should have gone with a darker color! oh well. LOL

Kimberley said...

Adorable...we love tasha tudor at our house too!

Anonymous said...

Love the oven mitts in the high chair. Very sweet. :-)

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