Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cooking adventures

What a view!

C was pulling herself up and sucking on the playstands the other day. It was such a sweet thing to see. She's going to be crawling soon, I know it!! She started saying "mum mum mum" yesterday..hopefully Mama will be following!

I love the cooler weather. It makes me want to spend days in a cozy sweater and my apron cooking in the kitchen. In fact that's what I have been doing lately.

I got some yummy Lodge cast iron cookware a month ago or so from a co-op and I love it! Cast iron is so much easier to cook on than everyone had me believing it was. I have been making pankcakes on the cast iron griddle every morning and the taste so much better than my slowly killing us teflon griddle. My homemade pizza dough cooks a million times better on our cast iron pizza pan too.Not to mention that it puts iron into everything you cook on it. I'm in love!

Another favorite of mine is an oldie (I've had it almost 10 years now) but is being put to a lot of use lately. My Le Creuset pumpkin pot. I made some pumpkin soup in it on Halloween to bring to D'Anne's Halloween party. yum,yum!

We recently got the "Waldorf School Book of Soups" and decided to make the butternut squash soup recipe.

It started out looking like this:

and ended up like this:

It was super yummy,especially with our homemade whole wheat bread. I can't wait to try more recipes from this book!



Anonymous said...

The soup looks incredible! When I'm done here, I'll be off ordering the Waldorf Soup Cookbook. I'm a complete fan of soups in general...and this certainly is the time of year for them! I also am in the process of getting more cast iron. Once they are seasoned well, they are a dream!

Amber said...

Oh that looks amazing...yummm
I have just found your blog and it is lovely. Very peaceful and sweet. I will be back..xx

FrontierDreams said...

Oh Kimara let me know what you think when you start making some of the recipes!! We have the waldorf kindergarten snack book' too and make lots out of that one. My dd's birthday cake (carrot cake) recipe was from that and a lot of of muffins for baking day come from that one as well.
Ok now Im hungry! LOL

Amber- Thank you and Welcome!! I look forward to hearing from you morein the future :)

Marina said...

oh, I LOVE that picture of C! Time seems to fly doesn't it?

Your pictures make cooking look like so much fun, I'm inspired to actually try it ;}

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks :)
Time completely flies! I can't believe she's 6 months old allready!!!
Yay! I'm glad my pictures are inspiring you to cook :) :) Cooking is one of my releases,unless it's a frustrating recipe...LOL

mamaraby said...

I'm jealous of your cast iron. Loved the picture of C, so cute! I actually read the post yesterday and your soup inspired me to make something like that for dinner tonight. I'll have to see if our library has the Waldorf Soup Cookbook - it'd be perfect for this time of year!

Kimberley said...

Yum Yum...we eat soup every monday night in the fall, winter and spring up here in NH. I make it every week in my red Le Creuset dutch oven! I love that is the most versatile item in my kitchen, if I could only have one pot--I would choose my dutch oven hands down! Are you looking forward to Martinmas? Making a lantern?

Unknown said...

looks good!! we love our cast really is the only thing we use. i bake in my skillets too, so no need for cookie sheets that get all wierd looking...LOL

c is getting so big! love it!

FrontierDreams said...

yes, cast iron i sooo great! I'm in love!! I love our le crueset too. ohhhhhh a dutch oven.. man I need money LOL.
Cat Im goin to have to try that cookie idea!

I am super excited for Martinmas. We did our lantern walk Saturday b/c our local one is always done the weekend before. We are going to read stories of st.martin and mayeb make another lantern tomorrow though :)

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