Thursday, September 18, 2008

C's sweater and K' birthday present

I finished these back in August but am just now getting around to posting pics.
The blue sweater is K's birthday present this year. I obviously don't have any pics of her wearing it yet but once she opens it on Sunday I'll get some ;) I hope she likes it, I made it at her request. It was knit in the round,so no seams! I couldn't help but knit one for C too. I took these pic before I blocked it so now it's a bit bigger on her,which is what I need since she won't be wearing it for anothr month or so. I couldn't really get and good pics of her wearing it, I apologize. I'm going to knit her a blue one to match K's once I know that K's fits ok.

Again pics of another satisfied customer :)

love to eat fingers yum,yum!

I'm really quite excited over K's birthday this year. This is the 1st year I was able to convince Kevin to not buy a bunch of presents and just stick to something simple and handmade she will cherish. "less is more" Her party will be very simple as well. I 'll post info to follow....


1 comment:

Amber said...

Oh, these are just adorabale! And the baby dolls and crown are beautiful as well. What lucky girls to have such a talented mama!

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