Tuesday, September 16, 2008

C's first baby doll

It's been a crafty kind of month or two here lately.

I know its kind of young for her to have her first baby but I couldn't resist. Plus this doll is so simple it seems perfect for the first year.

I made her last night and did the finishing touches during nap time today. K loved watching me sew C's doll. I'm glad she enjoyed watching because it's a good thing for her to see me sew.

I have been meaning to post a new pic of the first doll I ever made (Conkin as K as lovingly named her) because she now has hair! Thanks to Grandma Conkin is no longer bald! Yay! K is very happy over this.

K wanted to model Conkin and C's baby for everyone (Yep, she's still wearing my dress. She won't take it off! She calls it her 'boots and sweetpea dress' because of our pet rats 'Boots and Sweet Pea'. She doesn't know anything of Mickey or Minnie mouse.

And here is our satisfied customer. LOL. I think she likes her baby, even if she only teeths on it right now :)

I'm making another one this week but bigger and I have to make K another 'night night baby' as I accidentally soaked her other one and it was stuffed with millet so now its all smelly and gross :(



Sheila said...

Whoa look at all this beautiful stuff you are creating! Those are gorgeous dolls and I love the birthday crown. We have been travelling non stop and Cora's birthday sort of fell by the wayside, but we had some nice meals with family and I think she is happy with that. Been thinking of you lately!

Unknown said...

everything is looking so good!!! i wish i had the time to do all that you are doing! i really want to knit the girls sweaters for christmas, and i have one of their dolls started. ahha i love the crown!!!!! i am attempting to make one for xi too, but it's not as cute as your's. again, i jsut don't have the time for crafting like i want. but your's is inspiring!

i love the minnie mouse dress, xi has the exact same one that was my youngest sister's when she was 3...LOL so cute..:)

miss you girl...love you!!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the bunting baby kit for Pita Pocket's Christmas gift. Was it very hard to sew?

Love your blog! The birthday crown came out great. :)

FrontierDreams said...

Tyhanks everyone :) You're all much too sweet!
Nicole- yes it was super easy to sew! Only took an hour or 2. My oldest DD loved watching me and helping me. Did you get the ones from JOys waldorf dolls? if so the kit acttually comes with enough to make 2 dolls. im making the big one next after I finish a sweater I'm working on :)

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