Thursday, September 25, 2008

K's 3rd Birthday

So this is the actual day of her birthday. It was a nice quiet simple day.
I read her the 'birthday eve' poem before bed and replace her regular pillow case with her birthday one. When daddy went to work that morning he put her birthday crown on the pillow next to her so she'd see it when she woke up...and she did! She came running downstairs and jumped into bed with C and I wearing it. It was very sweet. She kept it on the whole day actually. She saw me put some much into it and it seem like that made her realize just how special it was.

I made her what she wanted for breakfast,she wanted a fruit salad and some oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup. She played with her cake topper.

I told her birth story,and we looked through her baby book and photo albums.
We decorated for Autumn and made Autumn cookies

She got a package from Uncle Mark,Aunt Theresa and her cousins and it was a bunch of clothes (she's wearing on of the dresses in the pic below) and a cute gardening set. She loved it all!

She got dressed for her picture people appt and then Grandma arrived. We set up her birthday ring and told her the Rainbow Bridge story while lighting all 3 of her candles.She enjoyed blowing them out!

Pics of her birthday party on Sunday to come!!



lori said...

happy third miss k!!!

gr8tfulmom said...

Looks like K had a sweet day and C is getting so big. Nice job on the crown, it looks great :)

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