Wednesday, August 6, 2008

VERY late family vacation pics

My family came to visit backin the middle of July and I am just now getting the pics up. eek! Anyways I ended up with only a few pics b/c we only had the point and shoot camera at the time :( So anyways,here goes!

There was a lot of great moments and photo opps but of course the pics came out blurry :(


K with her cousins

Old style watering can

K and her cousins at the candy store,Nana let them all pick out a sweet. This is K's 1st experience with pure sugar!!

Baby E with her Aunt Theresa at the pool

K and cousin Katie at Busch Gardens

Virginia Beach..hereswhat E thought of the heat

Kevin caught a jelly fish to show the girls (he of course released it back in the ocean)

K enjoying her soy cheese pizza at Bella's in Ghent. WishI could have had some! But I was able to get some pasta :)

Nana and K the morning they left to go back to NY

E being silly

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