Monday, August 4, 2008

E's soaker is done (has been done) and starting K's birthday present

This was the Pea patch soaker pattern that my friend Michelle created (see blog list: gotta keep knitting). It was easy and fast to whip up! I just wish my skills were better.

Heres a 'behind' shot I love how it makes her bum look so big and her head so small LOL.

All happy and excited! She lifted her shirt up so you can see her I-cord tie.

Another front picture.

and here is the beginning of K's b-day present for next month blue sweater. She's been wanting this for awhile now.



Amber said...

The soaker turned out great! So cute. Good luck with the sweater. Love the color choice.

Sheila said...

I need to make my kids sweaters too, but can't bring myself to choose a pattern. Is that one fairly easy? Looks cute!
Oh and of course I LOVE the soaker, E looks so sweet in it.

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks ladies :)
Sheila, so far this pattern is very easy..but im still at the begining. i'll let ya know :)

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