Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my birthday present and K's birthday crown progress

Those of you that know me know I love Martha Stewart. I told Kevin if I was ever to get a dog I would name him Paw Paw in honor of Martha (one of her dogs is named Paw Paw) and well, my family got me this wonderful husky for my b-day. so here's Paw Paw. Someday when we have our farm and not as many house animals I want an Australian Shpeard. His name will be Steve Irwin <3
Anyways, here's my new furry love.

so yes that makes our count as follows:
humans- me,kevin,k and c =4
furry family members- dogs: nara and paw paw, cats: midnight and geisha,rat-boots=5
Looks like the furry family members have us out numbered..at least for now ;)

As always for good measure, a pic of the girls. K was 'reading' to C in this pic.

K's birthday is sneaking up on me. Her sweater has been done but I still need to block it. I just started her birthday crown. She is excited about this. Her b-day is only 3 says before the officil 1st day of autumn but I have always seen her as my autumn baby. So far the crown has a big acorn on the front. I will embroider K on the acorn. Still figuring out how I want to do the rest. I'm thinking apple trees and maybe a pumpkin... I anted to do sunflowers but I can not get my felt to look like sunflowers for whatever reason.

I've slowed way down in my decluttering :( I just haven't had the time lately. I'm sure I'll still make it to 2008 but I was hoping to go over. Plus I've lost a lot of motivation in doing ANYTHING lately. I don't kno whats wrong with me. Hopefully it comes back soon!

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