Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At least the birds appreciate my knitting!

and here's one now out in our feeder :) We refer to him as 'cardinal husband'. we call all the male cardinals that.

Kevin found this nest in our backyard awhile ago,it fell from our big tree.
As you can see the birds have somehow found scraps of my yarn to build it! I can see the grey from the elephant I knitted K and the cream from K and C's sheep I knitted them.
So if anything else, at least the birds enjoy and appreciate what I do! LOL

Here's my latest project, a sweater for C. I finished K's birthday sweater last week so I htought I would knit one for C too. Hopefully it will fit. Im making the 6 month size. This yarn is sooo soft!

I had to post a close up of my stitch marker. It's a hand made glass hen. I got them off Etsy. I will post the name of the shop they are from in a bit. I have to look it up ;)



Sheila said...

That is really cool about he yarn, and I love that little stitch marker! Some time I would like to treat myself to some pretty ones :)

Amber said...

Oh I love that the birds are using your yarn! How great is it that the same wool you used for your little ones was keeping their little ones warm and comfy.

I think that sweater is going to turn out beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous nest! What are your plans for it? Springtime nature table display?

Anonymous said...

Ohh, what a find! Very cool to see the birds are using your yarn. What a cozy nest.

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