Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's fun to pick tomatoes! (Llamas for Obama!)

As you can see!
We planted our crop very very late this year due ot the birth of our baby so our tomatoes are just now appearing for us. These are a heirlom variety of cherry tomatoes. K eats them all up off the plant before they even make it into the house.

K's hair is wet from dipping her head in the dog water dish *insert eye rolling smiliey here*

Semi-Important news for the families:

After much debate and discussion we have decided to call baby E by her middle name instead of her first name. Her middle name is easier to pronounce and is more common,plus she just feels more like that name to me. It fits her more. So you won't see me referring to her as E on here anymore, it will now be C. I don't think we are legally changing her name, we may just call her by her middle name but keep her name the same. Apparently that is pretty common. But we shall see. K is getting used to calling her C now instead of E. She still calls her her cucumber either way. LOL

Pics of C in an appropo shirt for this blog entery
"Veggin' Out"

ETA: subji recipe coming sometiem thisweek. Basically whenever I get the chance!


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Anonymous said...

What a great shirt. lol. I love it. llamas for obama.

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