Monday, August 18, 2008

yum yum,beauty and cuteness

Whenever I mention that I am making Subji and Poori a lot of people ask what it is ya go! A visual of the meal I love to make. It's an indian meal. the subi consisrs of cauliflower,potatoes,tomatoes,fresh ginger and cilantro and lots of yummy spices. It is all from scratch and coojs for at least an hour on the stove top to cook down. You eat it with your hands in the poori bread. poori bread is from scratch too (deva deva,don't notice how poorly I shaped them!)and is a deep fried bread. Not the healthiest bread out there but super yummy!

Here's a pic of the sun we have hanging in our playroom. I love the way it catches the light. K and I love to finf all the rainbows it brings us in the mornings.

This is the impression hanging over our sink in the kitchen. The light really makes its beauty even more pronounced.

Our baby girl looking as sweet as ever.

K and her best friend Fi at the playground on base last week. Don't ya just want to squeeze Fi's chub cheeks?!? <3



Alicia said...

I want the recipe!! Can you send it to me???

FrontierDreams said...

Yes yes! I 've had a few requests for it so I will post it this week :)

The Little Brown Acorn said...

I would like to know where you found the beeswax ornament? Did you make it? The mold is beautiful! Would like to have one for our family! So glad to find you via the waldorf yahoo group! Love, Joy

FrontierDreams said...

:) I love that group! <3
We actually got that ornament from a couple yeara ago. I beliebe they still have them. Isn't it beautiful?

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