Saturday, August 9, 2008

for the love of my new camera lens

1st here's a random pic of E in a cute dress and matching diaper I got in a 'homemade' craft trade. It was K's. E is in her latest pair of booties I made her, my first try at embroidery too. Something good to know.. don't try and embroider in the dark ;) That pic wasn't taken with the new lens btw.

New lens time:
I take a million pics of E with her play gym.. I know. But she loves it so much!

K drinking her orange juice like a silly girl. This pic was taken with my new lens. I love it!! I love how it focuses on every detail words can't describe how much I love it<3 class="goog-spellcheck-word" span="" style="background: yellow;">br

My firecracker again. She wanted me to take a pic of her on top of her dollhouse. Shes been super feisty lately. Her last molar finally came through so teething is over with now. But shes a 3 year old just about. Anyone who coined the phrase 'terrible twos' must not have dealt with a 3 year old! 2 is nothing compared it this! But we're working through it. Giving her even more love and attention than usual and trying to re-incorporate naps into our schedule.

i LOVE this pic of E. Of course I'm wearing my painting clothes so I am a bad backdrop but shes so cute in this pic!

ETA. I want to thank Shelley (from the 'Waldorf Mama' blog) for her suggestion of this new lens!! and also the mamas on my local AP board for helping to finalize my decision! Thank you thank you!

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