Saturday, August 16, 2008

Circle Time with Tiffeni at Kinderhaus

First this was K's request for breakfast a snowflake pancake with blueberries and strawberries in it. Yum,yum.

Then here she is at circle time last Tuesday (my birthday). She loved it as always. It reminded me of how we used to do it at home until I had morning sickness due to pregnancy. We have to start it back up again.

K likes to play the piano there too :) She didn't want to leave that day so instead of us attending a 1/2 hour circle time we spent 4 hours there. She watched in on a lesson and played with toys. We are hoping to get er some lessons there this year. We do not have a waldorf school near us currently but we will be moving in a year near one hopefully. So we need something in the meantime.

K being a fish. Nara helping.
*images removed. I have tracked these images down at least 2 times now on a search engine and that creeps me out*

E in her glory. Still her favorite place to be,besides with me :)


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The Little Brown Acorn said...

The bath/doggie photo is so sweet! OMG!

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