Thursday, July 31, 2008

These are a few of E's favorite things.....

Thank the camera gods my baby is back!! I picked her up Tuesday night with much excitement!I gladly gave Kevin back his point and shoot. I told the saleslady at Ritz how I was using a point and shoot and she laughed and said 'you CAN'T use a point and shoot after experiencing your camera!' LOL, very sad but true!

In celebration of her arrival back home (after 9 long agonizing weeks I bought a 50m f 1.4 lens. Should be here next week or so. I can't wait. It's a portrait lens so I can get some nice close ups of the girls!!! woo hooo!!!!

OK anyways heres some pics of E this morning playing with her favorite things:

First- her play gym, she LOVES this thing and goes crazy with it!

Next is one of her wooden spoons. It will still be at least 9 more months til she eats with them but for now she loves to suck and chew on them

and lastly one of her rattles,she was having lots of fun with this earlier.

It's nice that shes now interested in playing with things.

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