Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here it is our van!

Well, we finally went and got a van. We really needed it. No one could fit in our car,the poor dog couldn't even ride with us, the car seats had us pushed into the steering wheel and dashboard, we are having more kids.. well you get the idea.
anyways,after a couple months of research we went with the Toyota sienna. It had the most of what we were looking for (like high safety,8 passenger instead of 7).

so here it is...
i wanted the silver pine green color but there weren't any available so we got this blue instead

the back with my magnets :p

the back open with Nara in her special area :)

K in her seat with her cup holder and secret stash area

E's seat

Kevin,K and Nara on the van's 1st drive ( to the dog park):

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