Thursday, July 3, 2008

baking as meditation

Monday is our usual baking day,and we did bake on that day but we decided to make some things today too. We needed some more bread b/c we've been eating it like crazy. I found this amazing organic whole wheat bread flour that makes our bread so soft and perfect now. We just can't get enough!!

After we got the bread started we decided to make some cookies to satisfy our sweet cravings. I got out our letter cookie cutters to use for the 1st time,thinking I would just do some random letters but K requested the letters in her name and actually knew what they were! We have never taught her the letters in her name or any letters at all. We do not even sing her the alphabet song. She is too young fr these things yet,but yet she knows them somehow! So I'm following her lead and I made her the cookie letters she wanted. She was my big helper!!
cookie making

She wanted a random O as well.

Our 1st batch fresh out of the oven. These are my Grandma's recipe, we make it every Christmas in my family. I decided for my girls we'd make them whenever we got the urge to.

My very smart,simple living,frugal friend Jill started a challenge that I have been participating in...
I never bothered with coupons b/c everything we buy is from smaller companies so they never have coupons in the paper ,etc.
Now that we have expensive van payments we need to be simple and frugal more than ever.
Anyways she based her challenge after the $39 experiment ( ) but hers is online instead of wasting money on stamps,envelopes and paper.

So I began e-mailing the companies we buy from,spending about 2 mins an e-mail, asking them for coupons. So far every company minus 2 has replied saying they are sending me coupons.

Here's what came in the mail the other day from Earthbound organics and eden organic foods:

Tons of coupons,including ones for FREE products!! I received more coupons today from traditional medicines and Odwalla.This will help us out so much. Groceries are our biggest monthly expense b/c we refuse to lower our standards on food that nourishes our bodies. We will go without other things before going with out healthy eats. Especially now we us going soy free,I'm really looking at every bite that goes into our bodies. Plus I want us to be a good example for the girls growing up.
We are also now buying from local organic food co-ops and I am buying in bulk from a local organic farm (that's where our super yummy bread flour came from). Supporting our local farmers and saving gas and money at the same time, how brilliant!

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