Monday, June 23, 2008

Air Show! The moment K has been waiting for

K has been looking forward to the air show for months and months now and she finally got to go. Shes been seeing the planes practicing from our back yard for the past week or so (we live 5 mins from base) and has been 'so excited' as she says. She is like me in that regard. I love planes, I love flying,it's so very interesting to me. As much as I love nature I love my planes. Kinda funny huh?

Here she is with her special ear protection. She's been looking forward to wearing these too. C had hers on as well but she was in the beco baby carrier on my chest so no pics of her.

The Memphis Belle, I'm sure everyone knows the story behind this plane (btw this is not the original belle).I've been fascinated with this plane a long time now so I was excited to see this.

The british team 'the red arrows' and one of our F-22s. K liked watching them.

The highlight of K's day.......


She is obsessed with helicopters and has been wanting to see one up close for a long time now This was even better for her b/c she could get in it!! She didn't want to leave.
Daddy had to help buckle her in.

She tried out every seat and buckled herself in each one...

and then got in the pilots seat! I couldn't get her to look at me for a pic though.

K and daddy

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