Sunday, March 30, 2008

Celebrating the 1st day of spring....LATE

well, we wanted to do this on the 1st day of Spring but didn't get to it so instead we celebrated Spring Sunday the 30th. We don't celebrate Easter but we knew K would get a kick out of finding eggs outside so we told her the root children,spring birds,and bugs left her presents outside. As you can see she enjoyed it!
Shes wearing PJs that are way too big on her LOL. we bought them from Kinderhaus on Saturday for her to wear next winter. They are some super nice Ruskovilla organic wool Pjs. She loves them so much though she had to have them right away.
It's been cold enough her the past couple of days for her to wear them too.

Here she is in the back yard finding an egg.

Her and her helper Midnight opening her eggs.

Playing with her farmer and horse. She loves them!

Wearing her green crown and talking on her chalk eraser 'phone'.
shes been asking for a green crown for quite some time now. I was supposed to knit her one but I'm running out of energy and time!

Being a goof with one of her eggs.

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